This is a rebrand project for, Freshbowl, a South East Asian restaurant with two locations in Downtown Vancouver. This company’s core values are: mindfulness, inclusion and stewardship, so we have based this rebrand to reflect that. Using a soft, bright colour palette that pulls from the owners Peranakan roots, we have created an inclusive and inviting feel. The flower logo is based on the four member of the owner’s family, and a previous flower logo that carries sentimental value. Overall this rebrand brings a breath of fresh air to Freshbowl to revitalize the brand.


Grove is a conceptual skin and hair care brand that highlights BC’s versatile environment. Grove delivers high quality and effective essentials made only from ingredients grown within 100km’s of Vancouver. Through traditional soap making techniques and enthobotany of BC's biome Grove aims mitigate the health detriments seen in the personal care industry by making products free of toxic chemicals and plastics commonly used in soap making today to create a simple skin care ritual of only the essentials that works effectively on both skin and hair. This was a fourth year branding project done at Emily Carr University.


I love exploring different avenues of design and these mini branding projects have given me lots of room to exercise my creative muscles. Some of these projects were for clients who just needed a small project done to get them off the ground, and the others are spec for for companies I admire. I believe there is always room for improvement and I take on these project to continue to hone my design skills to continue to improve. Included are Mylett & Co. an interior design and styling company, Calia a hair care brand, Middle Mountain Mead, and lastly The Studio a hair salon in North Vancouver.


Cachuates Japonese are sweet, spicy, crunchy nuts that are very popular in Mexico. With both Japanese and Mexican roots, this branding and packaging project aims to highlight the mixed cultural history behind this popular snack while having a fun and summer-time feel. The main elements of this branding project are the main logo with the peanut ‘O’, the bright colour palette and the pattern. This pattern was inspired by Mexican traditional woven blankets and simplified to create an engaging visual language to this project that pairs nicely with the weight of the main typeface.


An investigation into the history, meanings and associations we connect to the vibrant, powerful and sultry colour red. This project called ‘A Colour Story’ was made for a third year Print Production course where every student was assigned a different colour to research and create a printed book to summarize the findings. The main focus on this project was to understand the symbolism in colours and how they can be interpreted.